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Java is the most important island of the archipel. Bandung, the capital of West Java, was an important Dutch city during colonial times. At that time the city was called “Paris of Java” due to its beautiful houses, luxury hotels, café’s and boutiques. Today, a visit to Bandung is still worthwhile  because of the beautiful Dutch houses, the special buildings (Art Deco, art nouveau). The factory outlets are famous in Bandung. Also  shopping and dining in nice restaurants is highly recommended. The trip by car from Jakarta or Bogor, to Lembang, can be done in two different ways. You can drive across the high Puncak Pass with its vast tea estates (6 hours) or on the new toll road (2 1/2 hours).

Flying to Bandung is now fairly simple, for example with a direct flight Amsterdam – Singapore or Kuala Lumpur and then with Air Asia/Lion Air to Bandung. Or a through flight with Malaysian Airlines from  Amsterdam, via a stop in Kuala Lumpur, to Bandung. Early in the morning (because of the temperature), you can visit the reverse boat still active Vulcano: ” Tangkuban Perahu”. In the Angklungschool they play musical instruments of bamboo poles.  This school has a world famous children’s Orchestra and is certainly worth a visit. And do not forget to visit the beautiful tea estates (family cemeteries, Baldwin tea gardens) in Malabar. You can even swim in the lava water of the Tangkuban Parahu. This swimming place is located  in a lovely garden with fairytale lighting.

The 18-Hole Dago Callum golf course is a 20-minute drive away. Your tour begins allready when you are leaving the hotel in Lembang. Lembang itself is known for its vegetable gardens and fruit. In and around Lembang are beautiful and fun excursions.The villa has nice hiking packages to offer you. For instance to the Maribaya waterfall.


Excursions, rental car, tailor-made travel packages through Indonesia. Also car rental for sightseeing (up to 6 persons). Prices on reguest, mail: villavenetys@hotmail.com

Taxi rides for pick up/bring Jakarta and Bandung airport/train station are possible. The manager can arrange train tickets for you, eg. to Yokyakarta.